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Thread: The Racewars Albany 2020 Thread

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    The Racewars Albany 2020 Thread

    With entries opening soon ..... it is time to #stepyourgameup

    Are entered/entering or need other relevant info and get lost on or not on FB then a couple that still use this will keep you updated..

    This just in ... (as I was looking for the countdown clock on the website and making sure I was going to be in front of a computer at 1800 today.... )


    From RW20 FB page /

    #RW20 Competitor Announcement.

    Racewars 2020 is pleased to announce it has just agreed to revised insurance terms with a more competitive provider which will allow us to continue to deliver our event to the standard you've come to expect from us.

    As part of this agreement we will be revising two sections of the #RW20 Event Regulations. We will be publishing these revisions on Thursday 12th and as such we will delay the Official Launch until September 20th to allow for competitors to re-read the documents and understand how these changes may impact them.

    The changes are limited to some additional clarifying statements to the Driver & Vehicle Safety Standards. It will make it easier for you to understand your requirements and help ensure you can prepare to go racing with the best possible safety gear at your disposal.

    So while we appreciate this delay will frustrate some we hope you'll understand we are doing what we can to help ensure you can #stepyourgameup safely, sustainably and socially responsibly.

    We thank you for your patience and understanding.



    So get ready to read up on the 12th then stump up on the 20th

    team sports can go to hell. I'm never going to rely on some weak minded MufaF@#$ to help me win a game. Ill win it myself. George Leeman.

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    Interesting ...
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