hi all,

up for sale is my old drift car... in it's less than glorious current state. The long term goal was to build a weapon - then i had kids and bought a house... same old story. So finally - i am ready to let it go.

pics explain most. Ask questions for anything else.

$2,500 the lot. negotiable.

List of parts i can think of:
S13 Silvia shell - tubbed front.
A31 crossmember for 6 cyl conversion (had a 26 in it at one point)
arms from Silk Road, Kazama, Ikeya Formula.
3UP knuckles.
s15 front brakes.
Project Mu 2 piece front rotors (will need some love)
Bride Seat
S15 dash and door cards.
old ass Nardi. (boss kit doesn't fit)
parts for a complete RB25 gearbox (without housing)
wiring loom.
R200 Diff.
assorted other parts.
hit me up for more info.

0408 271 954 or reply here.


https://imgur.com/a/2WDpyMe <-- clicky le album.