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Thread: 1998 HSV VT Series 1 GTS - no LS juan here

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    1998 HSV VT Series 1 GTS - no LS juan here

    Figured I should make a thread here...

    Bought this from a collector in Melbourne back in January, been very very slowly chipping away at getting it ready to relicense it.

    Aim is for a nice Sunday cruiser, not looking for power/etc, just want to enjoy the car for what it is... and maybe the odd burnout.

    So far the following has been done since getting it home:

    Fitted wheels - have had these forever, 19" HSV VZ Series 2 Maloo R8.
    Refitted the standard struts and springs that came with the car - will be needed to register it.
    Replaced the airbox, warm air intake and the MAF sensor with a mint set.
    New water pump, thermostat, heater hoses, radiator hoses, alloy radiator.
    Cleaned injectors and replaced the seals.
    New rocker cover gaskets - tried with rubber first but leak remained, used thick paper gaskets instead, fixed.
    Rebuilt oil pump with new gaskets - what a dog to prime.
    Replaced spark plugs, leads and dizzy cap - still hunting a very gentle very slight miss that only occurs at idle.
    Replaced both front headlights with a set from a WH Series 2 Statesman (crystal clear lense vs opaque).
    Replaced side repeaters with an original orange set.
    Repaired the spoiler brake light - some turkey had chopped the wiring about 50mm after the spoiler, had to rewire it all the way thru.

    Clutch is fingered, need to order a replacement and fit it. Few minor odds and ends to sort out after that then its off for rego. Need to get my daily driver working before I get this licensed - don't want to pay rego on three cars.

    Planning on taking it to Custom Cars and Coffee this weekend on a phoneworthy (movement permit).

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    Tow ball needs to go!!!! otherwise nice ride!!!

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    "New Armadale"
    If your rims disappear in the middle of the night....

    Was not me

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    harrop released a new blower for the 5lt's... just sayin

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