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Thread: Drift E34

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    Drift E34


    I currently have an E34 535 rolling shell and a spare LS1 as well as a spare RB25DET. Both motors are stock and I am looking at putting one of them in the E34, gutting the shell and taking it drifting.

    I have test fitted the LS1 and so far, nothing fits. The engine is way too far forward as the K frame is quite far forward and then there is another bar behind it as well as a drag link to miss as well as the steering box on the drivers side to avoid
    to make the headers fit.

    Haven't tried the RB25 yet but I can see the brake booster (mounted on the passenger side) being an issue with the turbo in the stock location and with the heat coming off the turbo.

    I would rather run the LS1 over the 25.

    To fix this I would have to chop the fuck out of the k frame and probably go custom headers ( would rather not because of cost) or potentially mount a k frame out of a VT etc. commodore as this would allow an upgrade to rack and pinion
    steering as well as not having to worry about exhaust fitment, engine mounts or starter motor location.

    I know doing this would change all the steering geometry but I would probably convert everything to commodore spec anyway.

    What are peoples thoughts on the trade offs with this setup?

    [IMG]Ls1 e34[/IMG]

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    Do it right, make it an engineered street car with the LS, get bored, sell to me.

    Thank :d

    Sorry I can't give any other advice!
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    Why not chop the firewall/transmission tunnel to move the motor back?

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    Quick google brought up this thread.

    They discuss the different options with sumps and how to get them to fit.
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