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Thread: Opinions on turbo

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    Opinions on turbo

    My GT3582R is starting to howl, looking at changing it.
    Opinions on the following, to suit 1JZ in a JZA70 . Power goal is no more than 400RWHP, plan on doing Targa/ rallysprints in it in the future.

    New CHRA
    Pro's: cheapest/ simplest option
    Con's: I think the turbo is a touch too big

    Pro's: should give me the response I want. It's a Garrett
    Con's: slightly out of budget.

    Hypergear ATR43G3SAT
    Pro's: cheap, may need approval to meet Targa catogery regs.
    Con's: ???

    Opinions on anything else?

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    Ex FG falcon gtx3576? Same frame size as a gt3582, heaps more responsive and available in economical 6 packs when every pingpingpingping takes them off to fit a gt3582?
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    You are right, turbo is too big for what you are doing. Can try find a more affordable 3076 option in the secondhand market? Ive bought a new gtx28 turbo in the box for about $500 under new cost. Came with rear housing and actuator so it was a score and a half. Patience and luck is required here of course.

    For your target hp and intended use the smaller turbo will be significantly better. There are cheaper alternatives like the mamba gtx things I've seen but I suspect they wouldnt be able to match the new garrett stuff in spool or max power but they would get close. They are not shit they usually just copy older designs. So even the billet wheels and chra would be copies of older designs. However I have no experience with these personally in terms of how long they live etc.

    Borg warner efr /precision stuff is very good but even more $$ than garrett.

    So if you can stretch the budget gtx3076 would be the go. If you cant I'd try a mamba gtx copy even if its not as super duper as the gtx its going to shit on the bigger turbo you have now.
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    Check out Proboost. I run there version of Borgwarner S366 and haven't had a problem and the spool sound is mint haha. Also Grant gives 1 year warranty.

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    GTX3076 Gen 2.

    Will make close to 450 on e85 and spool up great on a 1JZ.

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