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Thread: Semi Slicks Tyre Recommendation

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    Nankang AR-1 if you want a true semi-slick R compound tyre that is cheap and by all reports last well. I've not used them however. I'm talking about tread wear of 80 or less here, none of this 200 tread wear 'semi-slick' wanna be race tyre but actually road tyre stuff. NT01 are good enough, but not as good as you can get.

    Want to go fast and not be able to make excuses for tyres? Then A050's. Or similar looking Hankook Z214. Or Dunlops, or Kumho V70A. Get your wallet out though, especially for the A050's. They're the best, they know it, they don't discount.

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    Nankang AR1 are cheap and cheerful but donít heat cycle well,

    We got 4 rallysprints out of a set before the grip really dropped off but they still look fine and plenty of tread depth left, I will probably treat them to a bath of Octopus grip for a while until there is no tread left
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    Chat to Peter, has some pretty decent cheapo tyres he uses on his RX-7 for street and track.

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