Some of you may have noticed we are now using 3M window films and thought I would give you some reasons why.
Most new cars these days have antennas or aerials built into the glass so require non metal films to be used (not on all occasions).
We found that 3Ms two best films, 3M Color Stable and 3M Crystalline are both non metal films and provide a bit of variation for your needs.

3M Color Stable looks like this:

3M Crystalline looks like this:

Color Stable has a darker/black look and is less expensive than Crystalline. You can find more information here
Crystalline is the best film 3M make as it has the highest TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) due to its unique manufacturing process. You can find more information here

We still stock Solar Gard film if you need it but are focusing on 3M as we find it has the best adhesive, best scratch resistant coating and great heat rejection properties. The Color Stable film looks really black too and matches up great with privacy glass.