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What is the main concern customers have when getting their car serviced? Unexpected bills!

We understand that the industry has a reputation for handing out unexpected service bills, its not what we do, and to add a bit of formality to our promise we now have the online quoting and booking option. The website in the link above compares local repairers in the area. You will find FleetPro is in touch with the local pricing - With the added convenience of after hours service and Saturday service!

The FleetPro promise is, if you book online, or quote online your service bill will NOT deviate from whats shown on the screen or if you print it out. This is what we will stick too, and IF there is anything outside the quoted job, you will receive a call or email. We will not call you trying to sell a cabon clean if you have a tyre coming up in a month, nor will we call you with some jibberish about an emission service or your car will break down. That crap infuriates us. Our goals and objectives, are to keep you safe, reliable and money in your pocket. If you need wiper blades, sure thats something thats handy, or if you have a blown globe its safe to assume thats something a client would want changed. But we have absolutley no interest in selling rubbis.

Obviously, the above website only really works for newer cars. But its ideal for someone that might not be comfortable going to a service shop. Gives them some confidence that what they have budgeted is all its going to cost. If you have an older car, that is 'off schedule' or all out of whack with its servicing. Email us on service@galvsport.com and we will give you a baseline figure and you can work from that.

We are open Tuesday and Thursday (Booking essential) to 10PM for after hours servicing, and Full Saturday (Again, booking essential) for your convenience. Please email or phone on this, as we need to get details to ensure we have all the parts for the required schedule.

Cheers Guys and Girls