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Thread: R32 gtst - track car

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    Quote Originally Posted by djr81 View Post
    Cant imagine all the crap that was on the circuit was particularly helpful to your cause.
    yeah was a tough day for everyone I think ! not great can say I know 2 people (me included) that came in after that first session and had flashes of 'oh sh*t this isnt good!" moments

    Quote Originally Posted by SimonR32 View Post
    I'm skipping to 57s...
    you probably will ! .... but please dont

    Quote Originally Posted by Damo 69 View Post
    Congrats on hitting the 59s mate, epic considering its RWD also!
    Thanks Damo, and manual ! (starting to sound like Hawkins)

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    Nice work on the 59!!

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    Great to see this thing on track. Not managed to catch a gander at it before. As I mentioned on the day, sounds so angry, love it!

    And you exacted revenge (by the slightest of margins) on Simon for WATA.

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    Well done on cracking the 59 barrier buddy.... here's to 53's


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