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Thread: What made you feel good today? PART II

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fozzy View Post
    Surprised the cops not on here posting how good he feels that he decided to stop with the amount of attention the video has got.. Would have been a right pineappling should he have gone around the boom gates.
    Would of produced some happy snaps to hang in the wall of the station

    That crossing is fitted with the relight/speed camera to stop people running the boom gates
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    Quote Originally Posted by EVLO View Post
    We got NBN a few weeks back finally, FTTN, went from 5Mbps shitty adsl to rock solid 48/49Mbps on a 50/20 plan, max line speed is 59Mbps about 350m from node.
    This will annoy you - just got back from KL where people can get 1Gbps for ~200 ringgit or under AUD70 a month.

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