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Thread: OCDetailing - New owner

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    OCDetailing - New owner

    For those of you I haven't already met, my name is Dale & I am the new owner of OCDetailing.
    I apologise for taking so long to make the announcement but since taking over I have been completely swamped, trying to keep up with both my own customers & Adams.

    I have had my own detailing business for the past two years but when Adam offered me his business it was too good an opportunity to pass up. As many of you know Adam's work was second to none & I was fortunate enough to have worked closely with him in the year prior to taking over the business. Being aware of his high standards I am committed to offering the same level of service as Adam as well as continuing to use the very best products.

    All pricing & packages will remain as they are & I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have or to simply talk detailing.

    I will also be announcing some special offers to Antilag members in the coming weeks .

    For anyone looking to contact me, you can email me at dale@ocdetailing.com.au or call/ text on 0407 224 243.


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    Congrats on the new ownership and I look forward to meeting you this Thursday Dale.
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    Great stuff. I've continued using Dale since Adz left and have to say his work is on par. Happy customer here.
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    I'll be hitting you up as soon as I get my car away from the iron ore stockpile at work. GRRRRRRRRRRR pingpingpingpings
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    cplagz Guest
    +1 Dale has taken over from Adz doing our cars fortnightly and continues to do a great job.

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    Just wanted to drop a mini review for Dale, he's definitely someone I'd recommend. Came by to do paint protection on my new 86 at a fraction of the price the dealers wanted to charge me! Professional and friendly guy!

    Thanks again Dale, I'll email photos once I take them :P

    - Alf

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    Just a little FYI.

    Dale and I did a fair amount of work together over the past 12 months. He had his own mobile detailing business and was fairly green to the industry.

    His work ethics are however excellent. I had absolute confidence in his work and mannerisms and am extremely happy to have been able to pass on the OCD name to someone who will upkeep it's reputation I devoted countless hours in achieving.

    Can only wish you all the best and enjoy the solid 6 day week bookings! :P

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    Just wanted to say this week Dale came out and gave my car a post racewars detail, a bit of paint correction and Modesta coating. He also prepped my wife's new car and applied opticoat.
    I'm very happy with the work, both cars look awesome and I am a fussy pingpingpingping.
    Photos don't capture how deep and glossy my car looks
    Looks like he's going to be doing my parents cars now as well.

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    Anyone have recent contact details; phone number listed above is not working

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    Quote Originally Posted by Missile View Post
    Anyone have recent contact details; phone number listed above is not working
    Dale is great his work is some of the best I've seen usually have to book him a couple of weeks in advance I normally just email him on above email and very responsive.

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    Was one, or many posts deleted?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phyber View Post
    Might be repost? Few fingers in asses lately

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