Official Antilag Motorsport Forum membership is available to users who are genuinely interested in Motorsport.

This will allow access to a private Motorsport section of the forum where events, pictures, videos, and general chat will be posted. You don't have to have a spectacular race car to be a part of this, you simply have to have a genuine interest in participating in events in any way (volunteering, spectating, etc).

Full membership is $60 + GST for the year.

Once your registration and payment has been verified, you will be sent a membership pack to the address provided. Packs are sent out quarterly, and a delay may occur in receiving your pack.

Membership includes:

- Access to exclusive Antilag Motorsport events

- Access to a private Motorsport section on the Antilag forum

- 1x Antilag Motorsport sticker

- Antilag Motorsport Membership Card (required to be shown at CAMS events)

- Discounts from selected sponsors

Currently, the following actions are being undertaken to ensure our members have all the benefits associated with being a member of a registered motorsport club:

Antilag is a CAMS affiliated club.
This allows us to run our own motorsport events such as time-attack days, timed motorkhana days, driver training days, and road/tarmac rallies.

This will also allow you to obtain a CAMS licence which will enable you to compete in timed events, competitions, and certain driver training events.

If you wish to register, you must send a blank e-mail to the address listed below with the subject 'Membership': << Click here.

PLEASE NOTE - WHERE POSSIBLE, PLEASE USE AN E-MAIL ADDRESS WHICH YOU CHECK WITH MICROSOFT OUTLOOK (ie. Not a web based email like gmail/hotmail etc etc). This makes the registration process a lot simpler for the admin team. Thank you!

Once you have sent off an e-mail to the address listed, you will receive a reply which contains a form to be filled out and sent back, including bank details in which to deposit your membership fee. This e-mail reply is sent out MANUALLY so please allow for a delay in response time. There is no need to re-send your e-mail.

Once your payment has been processed, you will be assigned an official Antilag Motorsport Group ID, and granted access to the ALM forum.

If you can see the forum, then your name is on our database and you are able to register for a CAMS licence. You do not require your membership pack to apply for a licence. If you wish to enter an event and have not received your card yet, please PM me and I will send you verification of your membership to be used at the events.