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    Welcome all to the new motorpsort section on antilag.com

    As the title says pretty much if it has wheels and you can race it, this is the place for it.

    With the growing participation of people on those forums in motorsport, and being something which is totally about performance, we feel motorsport deserves its own area

    Feel free to discuss motorsport events your participating in or watching at state, national and international level.


    antilag.com team

    p.s I do know there was a couple of threads here already but they went missing due to a forum glitch - apologies!
    a n t i l a g . c o m

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    Aug 2012
    Is the ALM membership 1 year from join date or is it based on calendar year?

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    Based on calandar year, however if you sign up now you will get 2013 included.
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